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Serviced Office And Suite



Serviced office and Shared office

Instant office usage solution


Why choose Serviced office and Shared office?


  • Suitable for SME or project based business. Provide a flexible office space, with flexible leasing period. Serviced Office Space offers rental on short, flexible lease (license) agreements from one to 12 months. Monthly licence fees are inclusive of rent, rates, electricity etc. Thus, what you need is just to paid a service fee, then you can enjoy full service of a conventional office. If you are unsure of expansion plans or the ideal geographic location for your business, this could provide an ideal solution. 


Serviced office is the simplest and flexible office solution for international business and free lance.



The advantages of OfficesAsia


First of all, our consultation service is totally free of charge.  Second, we have the experience and solidated knowledge of Asia market. We know well will the different in commercial ordinance, culture and marketing operation within Asia region. You can be reassured that the advice and help received during your office search remains focused on you and your business needs.



By three steps, we fulfill your needs


1st Step: Understand you needs

We give advise based on your business nature, number of staff, area needed, move in date. We will follow up with service operator and propose you with price and place according to your requirement.


2nd Step: Office site viewing

We will arrange office site viewing once you have idea with office location. We are certificated estate agency with expertise that can remind you from tricky traps.


3rd Step: Terms negotiation

Fight against operator and owner, we only go for the best package for you.


We negotiate for leasing duration, leasing price, office equipment, facilities, deposit term, starting cost, move in date, special requirement (like expansion, surrender agreement)


Once both parties come into a consensus, we assist in drafting contract to protect your right.



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Managed Office



Managed Office,

flexible office solution for Enterprise


What is managed office?


  • In a business cycle, the demand of office space usually vary among season, Under conventional office leasing contract, restricted by the office space tenant can't make use of the opportunity to expand their business during peak season, while cannot utilize the redundant office space during non-peak season. Office Asia see the potential of a win-win solution for both tenants and landlords. Through proper management, several tenants share one large office. This maximize the office efficiency but still retain company privacy.


The advantages of managed office?


Apart from conventional office, if you are not satisfied with the serviced office managed office proposed by OfficesAsia may be your best choice. For a new starting business, managed office minimize the uncertainties as being locked by a long leasing contract which in turn help eliminate the potential risk. We have successful case in providing service to solicitors, accountants, and charity. Contact us now to get your newest plan.





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Conventional Office



Traditional Office Space,

For Lesae & For Sales



  • We also specialize in securing various classes of office space for our valued corporate clients through our sister brand - www.primeoffice.com.hk

  • Our commercial Team includes professional and well-experienced consultants focusing on the sale and lease of the most wanted commercial offices with existing clientele from local small-medium experprises to well-known Fortune 500's corporations and listed companies. Our database keeps more than 50,000 listing to help clients find suitable office. Our services includes:


Office leasing
- Investment sales
Lease disposals
- Rent review
Lease renewals
- Property entrust


We regularly update our database to ensure we have the latest marketing information, leasing details and pricing details on hand. With our brilliant information system, we deliver you with the most effective plan.  



We stand for tenants

Either replacement or expansion, what you need is a professional who understand local market well.


Working on behalf of corporate occupiers, we formulate objective real estate strategies to meet business and financial needs. Combining our market knowledge and analytical skills, our advisers seek to add tangible value to our clients’ real estate decisions.


How do we work?

We consider all aspects of your strategic, tactical and operational needs. Our advisers fully recognize that decisions relating to timing and cost can have a fundamental impact on business profitability and consequently, access to sound advice and knowledge is essential.


Who do we work for?
Whether guiding local or international corporations into new markets for the first time or managing long established tenant/landlord relationships, our experience and dedication is second to none.



Commercial property investment

Invest on commercial property not just reduce the leasing expenses, it may bring you profitable return. Our knowledgeable investment team is experienced in property consultation.


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Conference Facilities

Conferencing regardless where you are



  • We provide you with a reliable meeting room whenever you want.


We consultant service cover all Asia Office type. You can choose any location that most convenient to you for any conference. Our reliable team will give advise.


You can arrange our meeting rooms for all kinds of business occasions - pick a layout that fits your meeting:


  • Boardroom –  ideal for formal meetings
  • Cabaret – great for collaborative working
  • Theatre– for professional presentations
  • Classroom– a comfortable education environment
  • U-shape– enables and encourages open discussion


Or choose from standard meeting rooms, relaxed but confidential interview rooms or video communication suites.


All meeting rooms are served by a dedicated support team and include:

  • - FREEInternet
  • - FREE Flipchart, whiteboard and markers
  • - FREE Water
  • - FREE Pads and pens

Plus telephone with speakerphone function, catering services available and use of an LCD projector and screen if required.



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Virtual Offices

A professional image...

...with Virtual Office



  • Virtual Office has all the benefits of a traditional office with only a small fraction of the cost. Without physically occupying the office space, you can run your office from your home or an overseas site, having a professional and complete corporate image. Perfect for a start-up business or corporations to enter into a new market.


Our all-round Virtual Office package features with a prestigious business address, a dedicated phone number answered in your company name, receiving and forwarding of your daily mails and messages, along with all the additional support services that you need. You can choose from the basic business address services, to a more advanced level such astelephone answering or usage of high-end meeting facilities.


Why virtual office is you best option?

Prime-A business address as your correspondence address at the lowest cost.


Personalized call answering by our fully trained receptionists.



Forwarding mails, faxes and messages to you as per your instructions.


State of the art:

Leading-edge communication services including Fax-to-Email, Voice-to-Email and SMS messaging.



Access to a full range of office equipments, secretarial services, meeting rooms and business lounge.



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Surrender and Sublet


  • Surrender is a new tenants replace the current tenant using the same terms or news term agreed by the landlord.


Sublet is current tenants let out the unused office space to another company.


Surrender is a new tenants replace the current tenant using the same terms or news term agreed by the landlord.



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Flexible Office

You can start your business all over the world

Work Freely, Expand Every Where

  • No matter you are home office worker or we provide you with. Subscribe in advance, inform us if you need any office space. We will arrange you with the most fit office site.Surrounded and supported by our professional team, you can run your business in a effective way.




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Lease Restructure

  • In a dynamic business environment, leasing contract may bring high pressure to you company. In such case, you may revise the leasing terms, altogether with the rental price and period, which is so-called the lease restructure.


Lease Restructuring
1. Liaise with Client respective landlord to negotiate the lease restructuring of the tenancy of the Premises;

2. Provide “smoke screen” to the respective landlord to do an leverage in order to gain the best bargaining power; (relocation option is an leverage, for instance)

3. Provide Occupational Analysis Report to the respective landlord and analyze the current market situation. OfficesAsia will dedicate reports and indicate benchmark, competitive, and comparable buildings



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Contingency Office

OfficesAsia Contingency Package.
Be operational instantly after a disaster.

What will you do if you cannot enter your office tomorrow morning?
What will your colleagues or employees do?

We can help!

  • OfficesAsia provides business continuity solution through IT and telecommunications infrastructure and serviced office accommodation in Asia.


Workplace Recovery Reserve
A dedicated office configured to your exact requirements - Complete business continuity reassurance... guaranteed - A bespoke arrangement suited to your business - A dedicated private office ready for whenever you may need it, complete with telephony and IT connectivity - 24/7/365 day access.



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