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About Offices Asia


Headquartered in Hong Kong, China and China (Mainland), OfficesAsia, member of Prime Property Group, aim at providing Asia-focused comprehensive real estate solution. Our brands include Primeoffice, Primehome & Primeshop.  We are expert in all-round commercial office practice, including serviced-office, meeting room and conventional office and so on.  Once your requirements are established, our experienced consultants team will tailor make you friendly informative orientation. From assessing your needs, office finding to office opening, we assist you through the time and bureaucratic process.  We ensure you a smooth and comfortable experience in doing business in Asia.



Our team offers great deal of flexibility and allows our clients to choose the services that most fit their needs.  We are pleased to work with either individuals or admin executives who are looking for an office solution and real estate services.



Our People


Our team consists of field consultants, office professions and property agents. They are highly trained and well experienced in their related professional areas.  They have various cultural backgrounds which help specific client needs. We believe that each individual is unique. That's why we identify our client needs based on their business nature and expectations, from orientation, cultural training to daily needs. Our goal is far beyond just providing an orientation service, but to establish a long-term relationship with you.



What We Do?


We understand setting up office is a crucial step in expanding a business. That's why we see how essential a property consultation is. Therefore, OfficesAsia come in place. Our people who specialize in delivering office solution to our clients. From budgeting, office analysis, site visit, negotiation to contract drafting, we stand for our client to avoid trap, and fight for better terms.



Why Us?


First of all, our consultation service is totally free of charge. Second, we have the experience and solidated knowledge of Asia market. We know well will the different in commercial ordinance, culture and marketing operation within Asia region. You can be reassured that the advice and help received during your office search remains focused on you and your business needs.


Save money:
You will pay less for your lease space with our negotiation leverage on your side. Our goal is to save you up to 15% on your office space occupancy costs.


Save time:
You can focus on running your business while we handle all of the legwork and details for you.


It's smart business

Knowledge of the current market conditions and the leasing process is critical for success. You can level the playing field by appointing an office leasing expert to represent you-- Offices Asia ensuring you will get the best possible deal .


Negotiating without professional representation......
If you negotiate on your own, it is very likely that you are leaving money on the table . With OfficesAsia on your side, you can know the best deals being made in the market and can negotiate against the owner for every possible concession. The expert knowledge of a third party negotiator gives you powerful leverage to get the best deal.



How We Do It? 

Market coverage makes all the difference. We work with business center operators throughout Asia, including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Get use of the advantage of our great network, you can get the most update information and easily get a great deal! After we got a inquiry, the first thing we ask our clients is what does your business need? Then we propose, revise and commit to find our client the most fit solution.




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We sincerely invite you to join us. Consider the possibilities in Prime Property Consultants Limited!

Why not you? Why not now!


OfficesAsia is the most innovative company in real estate industry today. Be one of us, be professional as us. The entrepreneurs we empower today will shape the real estate industry tomorrow.


How to Apply?
We offer excellent compensation package and promotion prospects. Candidates please send email with full C.V. to hr@primeoffice.com.hk OR write to the following address with the reference quoted on your envelop:


Human Resources Department


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